KDE src build - partial FAIL

I followed this guide which suggests too few error fixes.

Does anyone know how to completely build KDE? I tried on my remastered Gödel liveCD as well as on hd-installation. At some point it always FAILED, often times because dependencies were not installed - so does anyone have the complete list for pacman -Sy … ? It is tedious to add all those packs manually, we need a complete list !

Below is what works in bash, even on liveCDROM, remove # if needed.

But building Dolphin and some other apps breaks ; it should be possible to put it all in one small script which works on the live-CD. The fast way is of course to install KDEvelop via octopi rather than via the below script, then fetch the KDE apps like Dolphin asf., that usually works well with rather fewer errors.

One specific error is :
– Could NOT find KF5Crash , checked the following files:
/usr/lib64/cmake/KF5Crash/KF5CrashConfig.cmake (version 5.36.0)
/usr/lib/cmake/KF5Crash/KF5CrashConfig.cmake (version 5.36.0)
/lib64/cmake/KF5Crash/KF5CrashConfig.cmake (version 5.36.0)
/lib/cmake/KF5Crash/KF5CrashConfig.cmake (version 5.36.0)

but in Chakra, kcrash does not contain that file, but ARCH does :sauropod: kcrash WITH …cmake file

#sudo pacman -Sy dialog tcl tk perl-xml-simple perl-xml-parser perl-crypt-openssl-rsa perl-io-socket-ssl cmake extra-cmake-modules kde-dev-utils-debug kde-dev-scripts kde-dev-utils llvm clang-tools-extra

mkdir -p ~/kde/src
cd       ~/kde/src
git                                    clone  git://anongit.kde.org/kdesrc-build.git
cd       ~/kde/src/ 

mkdir ~/bin
ln -s "$PWD/kdesrc-build" ~/bin

export PATH=~/bin:$PATH                                                        ## manual
echo Pfad is      $PATH

cd       ~/kde/src/kdesrc-build/
echo git status Ausgabe :
     git status
#    git gui

#mkdir ~/YYY  # custom dir for setup

./kdesrc-build-setup        ## repeat

#rm ~/.config/kde-env-master.sh     

./kdesrc-build  kdevplatform kdevelop-pg-qt kdevelop  attica  
#--include-dependencies  --debug  --delete-my-settings   ## produces err on 2. run

export KF5=~/kde/usr
# ~/kde/usr/bin/  

export QTDIR=/usr  
export XDG_DATA_DIRS=$KF5/share:$XDG_DATA_DIRS:/usr/share  
export XDG_CONFIG_DIRS=$KF5/etc/xdg:$XDG_CONFIG_DIRS:/etc/xdg  
export PATH=$KF5/bin:$QTDIR/bin:$PATH  
export QT_PLUGIN_PATH=$KF5/lib/plugins:$KF5/lib64/plugins:$KF5/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/plugins:$QTDIR/plugins:$QT_PLUGIN_PATH  

# (lib64 instead of lib on some systems, like openSUSE)

export QML2_IMPORT_PATH=$KF5/lib/qml:$KF5/lib64/qml:$KF5/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/qml:$QTDIR/qml  
export KDE_FULL_SESSION=true
export SASL_PATH=/usr/lib/sasl2:$KF5/lib/sasl2

# (lib64 instead of lib on some systems, like openSUSE)
PS1="(kdesrc ) $PS1"
 source ~/kde/.setup-env

We are not using this build from source approach as demonstrated on KDE wiki.

please refer to our manual on Build system and check our PKGBUILDs. We are not Linux from Scratch™, please don’t expect us that way.

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From within Chakra’s build system one can build groups of packages using the build.sh script, which is used with

$ build.sh nameofpackagegroup

For KDE package groups, you can use plasma and frameworks in the core repository, and kdeapps in the desktop repo.

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