Issue Using Netflix On Firefox

Hi Friends,

I am unable to play Netflix on Firefox. Any idea how can I get the issue resolved. I have both the latest OS and Firefox and it does not give me any error codes or messages. Some help would be appreciated.

I have also tried it on Waterfox and it does not work in that too. Unable to find what I am doing wrong.

Does it work in other browsers? Do other video related websites work? DRM settings?
Also checked the CCR for anything netflix related, no idea about the state of it but have a look at netflix-desktop and see if that does anything for you.

Can’t check it for myself, I don’t have a Netflix account and am not interested in getting one either :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi @DudleyRempel!
as suggested by @ReemZ, it may be an issue related to the DRM settings.
While on Netflix’s page, you should see an icon beside the page url (the first on the left of the green-lock)

Clicking that icon should bring you to DRM content settings: you have to explicitly enable DRM content playing in order to watch videos on Netflix.


You may have installed a problematic extension. I’m using Netflix with Firefox, no problems here. You can even try a “refers” for Firefox.

Thanks a lot for the guidance. I was able to solve the issue by following this method. It was indeed related to DRM settings.

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Good to see you solved it!
Please, set your latest post as the solution for the problem reported. It would be helpful for next users facing the same issue

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