ISO md5/sha1 checksums don't match download


I have just downloaded the ISO for Chakra and noticed that the checksum does not match.

The Website ( mentions MD5 3f12d2e658835b31939c75e21fb71004 and SHA1 9d86f81f87e192d56ccf48d2e6d982b6d3f92f3b.
But the downloaded ISO from the Germany mirror ( has different checksums (MD5: ed93cc09a0673d815a11e9509d85d78d, SHA1: efcb88820a29e810a50f531019ce74055640747c).

Could you please check if this is just a documentation issue or an actual security problem?

I’m looking forward to trying out Arch/Chakra.

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I last downloaded the iso over a year ago and the checksum was ok. I’d suspect a bad download first.

This is related. No idea if James has filed a bugreport yet, it seems he’s not even on the forum anymore. You might want to check that and if there’s none, file one.
Meanwhile, this might be helpful.

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@ReemZ I tried the mirror you suggested but it led me to a 404 error.
Was considering trying out Chakra sometime soon but it’s kind of hard to do that when I can’t be easily sure the front-page ISOs aren’t corrupt… :confused:
(I did try it myself and did verify that the checksums are different)

Also should mention there’s no active torrent magnet for the big download button over there…

Sorry for the late reply, I wasn’t notified of your mentioning me.

I’m sorry, what mirror did I suggest where? You’ll have to jog my memory.

AFAICT, the ISOs aren’t corrupt, my guess would be the information on the website is outdated.
So are the ISOs though, AFAIK the most recent one is Hawking RC4 I linked to in my previous post and even that’s got quite the beard already. Install will work, but updating it will be a bit of a pain.

Probably worth a bugreport.

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