Is there a new ISO in Chakra's future?

With Win7 no longer being supported I tried to promote Linux. I had trouble recommending Chakra, as it requires manual intervention to update from the ISO. Windows users just have a hard time with that concept. I got them on Manjaro so at least I can help them with KDE and pacman.
I see there is a ISO in testing dated 2019-09, is that usable?

@AlmAck What do you think? :grinning:

i would get a try but there is a second way to install chakra: How to netinstall Chakra with arch-install-scripts

This is a frequently asked question, and as such has been answered here:

To expand on that answer, the Milestone for the next release is here, allowing everyone to view any progress being made. Note the description set for said Milestone:

Next release of Chakra to be made. Named “Hawking”.

Update As of 2019-05-25 there is no plan for continuing the work on this, nor any estimated release date.

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The Live media has its own issue tracker where you may report issues found in any of the testing releases.