Is the development of Chakra abandoned?

Good morning, everyone,
Are there any future plans to release the iso currently in RC?
The version currently available for downloading dates from 2017 on the site, it doesn’t give a good signal to future users.
I see almost no sign of life despite the complete overhaul of the site.
How can we help with development?
Thank you for your response


nope because there isn’t anybody to prepare the new iso.

in the last view years chakra had a autumn&winter/spring&summer cycle with most activity in autumn&winter and it seems we have also a “time share between real life and chakra” problem… you know the preference can move rather quick.

i played a little with pacman and ask him for build dates and it seems there is something wrong with chakra…

year    packages
2011    48
2012    113
2013    140
2014    170
2015    167
2016    383
2017    542
2018    847
2019    1608
2020    535 (12.03.2020)
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hmm, I will say we still have some activity on packages update, but for new ISO, yes, we are lacking of manpower to do this.
Maybe you will want to check our GitLab?

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i couldn’t login

Sorry to say that but Chaka is “focus in KDE” but we still with Plasma 5.17.3. It’s been six months since there was no update of KDE…

I’m a long time user of Chakra, I love this distro but I wonder about what’s going on!


plasma 5.18.4 is in testing and plasma 5.18.4 are buggy as example on one of my notebooks are all my custom shortcuts are gone and i wasn’t able to recover additional sometimes the wallpaper get lost…

the answer:

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As @s8321414 already said, there are few of us maintainers left working on packages. @totte is making a huge work keeping all our infrastructure active and updated and he also finds time to work on packages; @s8321414 is working really hard on packaging, as you can see on GitLab. We all are doing our best to maintain the packages, but, you know, we also have a life (families, jobs, hobbies, etc.) outside of Chakra.

Of course we are grateful and proud that you guys are still using (and, I hope, loving) Chakra and we really want to keep it strong and beautiful.

So, to answer the opening question: no, development isn’t abandoned, it just slowed down.
Any help is, as you can easily guess, greatly appreciated, not only for packaging purposes, but also for community management, SMM, wiki maintenance, etc.


It is with deep disappointment that I read that a beautiful distro like Chakra, starting with other perspectives, is not supported enough. This answer will imply that many users like myself will be forced as soon as possible to abandon for other shores. Competition in the Linux distribution industry is ruth-less and there is not much convenience in staying on those that don’t have a clear future.

Well, if you ever expected Chakra to be a professionally supported GNU/Linux distro, just like Fedora or Ubuntu, then sorry, but you misunderstood what Chakra is. No one of us contributors gets payed for working on Chakra and there’s no company behind the project, paying us or our bills and this has always been like this, since the beginning.
That said, a slowing down in development doesn’t mean the project is discontinued.
Also, our release model has never been full-rolling, in order to ensure a good balance between stability and user apps updates.
This means one can still happily use Chakra with no major side effects.

As I already said, this is a community project: we are not “competing” with anyone, we are providing a distro that has some features we believe are useful to any user who may like it.

In my humble opinion, communities are made by users: the main point of community projects is that users contribute in first person to the growth of the project.

As long as there will be users contributing, Chakra will keep going forward, slower or faster it may be.


I understand this reason, but the fact remains that this distro, much appreciated at the time of its launch, deserved better luck.
Also, in my opinion, the tutorials that should explain how to get programs from the Arch to ccr repositories are not suitable for beginners. So the lack of collaborators can make the use of certain programs very difficult.

Hi guys I keeping an eye on chakra but I’ve moved to arch Linux now , I want to get into basic maintenance of files ect I consider myself an intermediate self taught Linux user I’m doing an ethical hacking course , but want to maintain packagers will look at how to do so and see if in future I can help chakra as it it a good distro .


Also, in my opinion, the tutorials that should explain how to get programs from the Arch to ccr repositories are not suitable for beginners.

I wanted to learn how to contribute and, among others, make better tutorials, but well, I’m guilty of having more life recently, I’ll try to get to it in the summer, but I won’t complain if someone else does it in the meantime.

On the other hand, would something like Patreon make sense? I would be happy to chip in a little every month, but I can imagine it would require lots of chip-ins to pay for the time of someone competent.

This was most recently answered in this post:

Since your title targets development, I suggest that you have a look at, where you will definitely see those signs of life.

There are many ways in which you can contribute. I recommend that you begin by reading the topics in #tutorials and #help:faq. Any developer will of course want to register at

There is no explanation as to how you obtained this information, or which set of packages you operated on, nor why you arrived at the conclusion that something would be “wrong with chakra”. Stop this fearmongering.

I suggest that you, too, have a look at For Plasma specifically, I have done my very best to keep everyone interested informed in the issue and milestone:

Your previous post was replied to by @FranzMari, and I hope that you set your expectations to more reasonable levels. Your concern regarding the #tutorials not being “suitable for beginners” are however off-topic and you should either properly explain what is lacking and why in the #tutorials themselves, or, if it is a general issue with all #tutorials, create a new topic in #meta to address the issue. Please don’t hijack other topics – it’s rude.

I am satisfied with the tutorial How to import a package from the Arch Linux repositories or the AUR to the CCR, and there have been no further replies there, nor has anyone edited the post recently. Wiki posts are maintained by the community. Much like software issues, any issues with the text is unlikely to be fixed unless those that experience the issue report it.