IRC/Matrix logs for #chakra and #chakra-devel?

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Due to some policies in Mainland China, signing up for an account in Riot, a Matrix client, is impossible.
IRC (freenode) is the only way for me to get access to #chakra and #chakra-devel channel. However, IRC doesn’t provide logs which is generated when you are offline.
So is it possible to make a site where people can see ALL the historic chat log? Or important discussions should always be placed here (the discourse forum)?

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I used to run a bouncer but since the IRC channels were bridged to their corresponding Matrix rooms I never got around to setting it up again. I’d suggest looking up a shell or bouncer service, if you are unable to run one on your own.

I can’t say for sure, but I believe public logging of those channels wasn’t pushed for, so there are only personal logs, as far as I’m aware.

Any important discussions regarding development should be held in - GitLab EE supports discussion for issues, epics, merge requests, snippets, commits, and commit diffs.

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