Importing old wiki entries to the #tutorials category - your chance to help

Hello everyone!

As we mentioned in the announcement that introduced our new forum, our aim is to use this instance to also hold wiki tutorials.

This is why all new topics under #tutorials have the opening post automatically turned into a wiki post, so that everyone can edit them and work together for the best result that would he helpful to all our users.

To gradually fade out the old wiki though, we need your help to gather and import the most valuable entries.

You can do this right now, no special skills are required. Just choose a guide from our old wiki and import it by starting a new topic about it under #tutorials.

It’s OK to start by copying and pasting something you plan to work on, but we expect and would appreciate it if you soon after fix the formatting so the article is easy to read and beautifully presented.

Feel free to add new information and images to the articles you are importing, or drop something that is outdated. If unsure, just ask.

Konqis by KDE under CC BY-SA
These are some entries I found so far on our old wiki and I think everyone can help importing:

We have created unlisted drafts to act as placeholders for these articles that cover somewhat intricate information that need to be both accurate and up to date (they aren’t just yet, though, hence unlisted):

Source Target Status
Get involved How to become a contributor Unlisted draft
Become a tester How to become a tester Completed
Chakra Build System How to use the Chakra Build System Unlisted draft
PKGBUILD How to create a package Unlisted draft
pacman How to use pacman Completed

Maybe you have some other entries to suggest? List them below or share the new topic link if you are already working on importing it! Your work would be appreciated by all of us.

The old wiki is much better than “Discourse”. That is why there was such strong opposition by many users to the decision to switch away from mediawiki. Many users are still adamant that it was hardly an improvement for the users.

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