I flagged multiple CCR entries, which haven't been updated for an entire year, as "out of date", but the maintainer hasn't updated them yet, what should I do?


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Hi! Thanks for the tutorial.

Quick question: I flagged out of date some packages that has not been updated since quite a while (1 year) and that I would like to install. After few days the maintainer did not update them.

What is the good practise to follow in this case? I have to email the maintainer and wait for an answer, or can I upload the packages myself and replace the current maintainer?


How to import a package from the Arch Linux repositories or the AUR to the CCR
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Hey, have a look here:

You can’t upload a new version of the package if it already has a maintainer, you have to wait for it to be an orphan. Once it’s orphaned, simply uploading a new version will automatically make you the new maintainer.

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