I can't install the current version of the firefox

can anyone help me ? the current version of the firefox is not present in octopi


Drag and drop the files /etc/pacman.conf, /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist.conf, and /var/log/pacman.log into this post.

Describe your issue and what you’ve tried so far here. Include terminal input and output, error messages, versions of any specific software involved, documentation you have read, and what search terms you have used.

Welcome @lucioleandro! I’m afraid that this isn’t a good way to start a topic. Please take the time to read our welcoming topic and the guidelines for this category before posting.

Please refrain from padding your posts with random characters or such. The minimum amount of characters required for new posts are there for this very reason - attempts to bypass it like you’ve done here makes for a poor first impression of you. If you’d read and provided the information asked for, it would be easier for us to help you. We would know which version you currently have installed (or are referring to) and which mirrors you are using.

That being said, I’m going to guess that your issue is the same as the one described in the global notice at the top of this website:

Did you install Chakra recently and/or can’t get any updates dated later than December 2017, leaving you stuck with e.g. Linux 4.13.11 and Plasma 5.11.4? Read this before posting - manual intervention is needed!

Please do try the excellent search feature on this website as well, there are several (at least eight) topics about this issue already. As such, I will close this as a duplicate. Please make sure that you follow all the advice in this post as well as the links before posting again.

@brikler Please stop suggesting partial upgrades. You know that they aren’t supported and that several people repeatedly have asked you to stop giving such advice.