I am leaving Chakra, because


I just read your post… actually yes… which also means I don’t have to report to staff about it… :wink:


I built the mirrorlist from scratch taking the urls from the mirrorstatus website… updating right now, a whole bunch replaced and about 600 updates! I’ll be having a new system soon. :sunglasses:

These days we take so much for granted… so didI also trust the system to update/-grade correctly.

I rarely ask anything, because the solutions are everywhere. Nearly always I have found them.

The Chakra team I respect very much, so when the system broke down bit by bit I couldn’t get my head around it even.

Later in the evening I will do some minor testing… most probably the spell check thing can be closed too then, kindly putting an explanation of what happened.

Last but not least, I never really wanted to leave Chakra, but you have made that out probably…
How else can I tell people that computers can have a Chakra too! :wink:


We hope to see you soon, and do not hesitate to consult any problem.
Good luck with OpenSuse (Yast and PackMan :wink: ).


Done away with that already! :rofl: