I am leaving Chakra, because


There used to be a topic like this in the community forum…

A couple of years ago I was looking for a nice Arch based linux distro, one that doesn’t like nonsense and such…

After several years of use, I had to reinstall after major updates - especially when it involved KDE.

Today, I think Chakra is a broken distro… I really had to try for more than half an hour to login onto the website here… One of the most important programs, backintime, cannot even restore, it seems to be fixed in newer versions which are not in the repo’s…

There are problems with mounting multiple usb hard disks at the same time, spell check doesn’t work, plasma is crashing with programs that are designed to work with KDE and Qt…

These are all problems that need to work, can’t even find workarounds or solutions for this - and I am looking for it everywhere, starting here, then Arch wiki and google…

My next distro will probably be openSUSE… maybe even Kubuntu…

I am sorry to leave, but there is no other option for me anymore…

Sincerely, cyberfloater

PS: I will try the new Hawking release probably, but first only in a VM

I’m sorry you had problems with Chakra. My experience hasn’t been trouble free but nothing really serious has ever happened to me.

I installed last April for testing purposes. After all this time I can tell you that this has become my daily working machine. Here and there are some niggles but nothing serious, like I said.

In the meantime the most disturbing thing was related to kswapd. I didn’t set a swap partition and sometimes (mainly when I was in Facebook alongside other sites with lots of plugins) one of the cores would be up to 100% of usage, slowing my system to the point of needing to hard reset the pc. I even thought in leaving Chakra as I thought I had reached and surpassed the full ability of my hardware. I solved it by creating a swapfile and never had that problem again.

I’m using a really old laptop and Chakra runs very smoothly. So much so that I’m involved with a corporation that acts in Africa and work with a lot of universities and I’m thinking of introducing Chakra to start some projects.

It seems to me that Chakra staff team is short in numbers and it sure isn’t easy to do all this work. This has it’s shortcomings but I would say that their work has been really impressive for all these years they have been active.

I used other KDE distros and none is as frugal as Chakra. Not even Q4OS with KDE5. So this means that the team is doing a lot of things well by keeping a sophisticated OS that uses less resources than others.

Sure that with such a short community problem solving is harder but still that emphasis the quality of work of the staff. They even take their time to help ordinary users with modest knowledge of programing, like me, to solve problems.

So I would ask you to reconsider your decision.
Best regards,

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I’m sorry to hear that your experience with Chakra has been as you describe it.

Please consider reporting any broken or outdated packages here, so that those who can fix it are notified of the issue and can track it accordingly. If noone reports issues, chances are that bugs will remain unnoticed and unresolved. Reporting and triaging bugs are among the most valuable contributions to Chakra, in my opinion.

Thank you for your concern! I still can’t continue to use Chakra at the moment, but I will try my best to report whatever I think is broken, needs updates, or fixing/adding dependencies… If I find solutions I will post them.

Chakra did very well for me… it literally flew on my machine (toshiba satellite c50-b)… lately it’s not so good…

I really respect the Chakra team for what they are doing, and yes I do think they are too small in number maybe… unfortunately I am not a developer/programmer, so I have to give back to the community (not necessarily the linux community) in a different way.

In the past I really have tried to make the Chakra user base bigger by recommending it, but I suspect the Arch base and ranking on distrowatch often made people choose otherwise, most of the times in favour of Ubuntu (or a flavor of it). When they did choose an Arch based distro, often it became Manjaro.

My choice to go to openSUSE isn’t that weird actually, in reality it’s going back. It was my first distro as I bought a boxed version some 25 yrs ago.

Last but not least… Chakra, I love the name - I even bragged about my PC having a Chakra… I love the project and the intention that underlies it.

For now it’s time for a new era, but I will keep an eye on Chakra… I have seen alread the second release candidate for Hawking is out, so I will make it part of that - maybe even on bare metal, since I have som Gigs left that can hold it… :slight_smile:

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Nuno, thank you… I will await the official release of Hawking… in the meantime maybe even put RC2 on bare metal, but for now my daily distro will be openSUSE…

The love isn’t over yet… just quarrelling lol

i would separate because this website isn’t part from the OS but its true yesterday i wasn’t able to login and there is something wrong.

to LO, have you checked the package cache for a resent version?
i would down grad and to a working on and ad lo to the packages to IgnorePkg or IgnoreGroup array in pacman.conf

Since website issues were mentioned twice, I encourage you to report anything that isn’t working as it should. We currently have no effective means of monitoring services or logs, so unless I personally find an issue or there is a report, it is - truth to be told - unlikely to be noticed or resolved.

I was a little harsh yesterday…

I just installed Hawking rc2 mainly for testing purposes… it went smooth as butter, and it seems to run better than before…

I will better myself and use and test it and report what I find…

Those login problem to this website are common. It happens time to time with me (Firefox), but for some reason it usualy gone after 10…30 minutes.

Btw, reporting issues on code.chakralinux.org are a pain in the a… I used to report issues in numerous other places, but so far non of them was that hard to use. I’m just saying, this can be a reason for some to leave Chakra. Reporting issues shoud be simple, stupid but it’s complicated atm.

I’m sorry to hear this too… We use GitLab Enterprise Edition, and so far there has been only positive feedback. If you can share more constructive criticism about what differs from the other places that weren’t as hard to use, that I might be able to do something about, feel free to create a new topic, send me a private message here, an e-mail, or chat with us on IRC or Matrix.

If it is this issue you are affected by, where the website doesn’t reload properly, I have made no progress sadly. As mentioned in Here’s to our work done in 2018, and a great 2019! I hope to be able to get a proper logging and monitoring system. So far, four out of nine have chimed in and appear to approve of either paying for, or finding a sponsor that would provide this service.

GitLab is a quite powerfull way to handle code and bugs for big projects. But it’s also a problem, because it handles both source code and git related things along with the bug reports. I have used to use git in c / c++ coding so i have some knowledge about pull requests and other things in GitLab, but that’s me. Even for me at first it was hard to figure out where to put a simple bugreport.
I’m not saying GitLab is bad, it’s just a bit overwhelming at first what can scare people.

I seen that bugreport, but I’m not sure. I will give a better descripition when the bug comes back.

Hi everybody,

Like my previous post… installed Hawking RC2 already… went smooth, an I really like where it is going! It feels faster and more stable!

I did have some serious problems with the goedel installation (2017.10), especially the latest months.

The love isn’t over, how can it really be… not much distros have what Chakra has!

Namaste… (lol)

edit: changed the title to something more suitable…

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I’m glad to hear that you find RC2 to work well. I reverted the title (marking topics as solved is only for that which is posted in #help) since others may want to chime in here as well about gripes they find to be too great to ignore.

A post was split to a new topic: 100 CPU usage on Facebook or other websites with plugins

Sorry, could you please point me to a Backintime release newer than 1.1.24 (the one in the repo)?
On the project’s github that is the latest release.

Hi Francesco,

When I was referring to the latest version of backintime, I was referring to the latest version provided through the Chakra repositories… as that would be logical to assume… that would be 1.1.20-2…

Sourcing outside the repositories providided by and for the OS may cause instabilities… that argument can be read plenty of times in multiple threads on several topics!

While the argument above might not be true for backintime, I must stress it’s a backup application - though just be a gui still for rsync.

I hope you can understand that I am not readily chosing this solution for a backup application, for e.g. a music player I would do that.

Luckily one can just copy paste from the desired backup folder backintime makes for each backup…

I am not some linux wizard, but I did find out it had to do with bug #552 fixed under the 1.1.22 release - if I am correct could have been solved simply by editing one of the py scripts.
Why it messed up my other backup drive with ntfs I haven’t found out yet.

This problem has nothing to with the chakra team, apart from maybe accepting the newer version in the repos - which as I have understood happens with tested stability.

Sorry for my lengthy reply, I hope you understand, and that I am just caring for my data.

Off topic, I did a complete reinstall of my system, wiped suse too and put back the goedel 2017.03 release this morning… it might be even that my cheap laptop isn’t all that great, and that I really have to review some problems on new hardware I plan to get within a couple of months.

Sorry, but the latest version of backintime provided in the official Chakra [desktop] repository is 1.1.24, which I have built and uploaded on November 29 2018.
If you didn’t get the update it may be because of a wrong mirror configuration on your machine, which would also explain the other problems you encountered with KDE packages.

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I think I found the problem… it’s got nothing to do with tinkering on my part, so I never thought this problem could exist.
You hinted (of course) in the right direction!

For some reason or another an out of date repository, not even mentioned in mirrorstatus anymore, was on top in the mirrorlist file…

I can’t even say I feel stupid for not having noticed this situation at first. Pacman feels fine with the first url having packages, though out of date… Rankmirrors doesn’t check either for out of date repos compared to the main one (the one we shouldn’t have in the mirrorlist). Output (therefore) of pacman and octopi matched each other…

I have to stay with the system breaking itself for not having the before mentioned checks.

I will built a new mirrorlist for pacman.d tonight… I will let you know how it went…

I am sincerely sorry for all the words and time waisted - let’s say I learned something new the last few days…

Would you happen to have the Dacentec mirror in your mirrorlist? This topic can explain the situation:

Don’t worry, I can understand how frustrating it can be to have a system that doesn’t behave as expected.

Remember to check the mirror status web page once in a while.

I am happy we found the problem, hope this will solve all the issues you have and makes you stay with Chakra for a long time :wink:

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