How to switch between the latest Plasma desktop layout and the traditional one


(Bobby Rong) #1

Chakra 2019 ‘Hawking’ provides a brand new desktop layout:

However, some people prefer the traditional one, while some people want to try the new layout on their 2017 ‘Goedel’ (or older) installations. This guide shows you how to change your layout:

2019 ‘Hawking’ Layout -> Traditional Layout

Go to system settings, navigate to ‘Startup and shutdown’ - ‘Autostart’. Disable the autostart of Latte Dock.

Configure the top panel, click ‘More settings’, remove the panel.

Reboot your system to make changes effective. Of course, you can also start ‘Ksysguard’ in your applications menu, then end the process of latte dock.

Now everything should be disappeared. Right click the desktop and add a default panel.

And here is the traditional layout.

You can safely remove latte dock now:

sudo pacman -Rscun plasma5-applets-latte-dock

Traditional Layout -> 2019 ‘Hawking’ Layout

Make sure your system is up to date. Now install plasma5-applets-latte-dock:

sudo pacman -S plasma5-applets-latte-dock

Configure the bottom panel, select ‘Screen Edge’ and drag the panel to the top, you can also change the height of the panel.

Remove the task manager.

Click ‘Add Widgets’, search ‘gl’ and drag ‘Global Menu’ to the top panel and place it at the left side of it.

Add a spacer and move it to the correct place.

As no application menu are added, run ‘System Settings’ by right click the desktop and click ‘Run command’.

Now type ‘sys’ and select ‘System Settings’:

Navigate to ‘Startup and shutdown’ - ‘Autostart’. Click ‘Add program’, select ‘Latte’.

Reboot your system to make changes effective. Also, you can start latte dock immediately.

And here is the 2019 ‘Hawking’ layout:

Chakra 2018.12 "Hawking" RC1 released