How to start packaging for CCR?

So I wanted to help contribute to CCR by adopting the orphaned package Synfig Studio, but I can’t seem to find anything to help myself with. For example, on our wiki there is: Which talks about how to become a packager but not on a technical side Instead doesn’t explain how to make a package Shows how to do a package, but not how to organize the source code.

How would one, given the program binaries, , make a package so others can install it? Most importantly, how would someone organize the different sections of the program? As said here?

Sorry if this may be the wrong category but I couldn’t decide whether put this in Discussion or Help. Also I’m here to learn, so don’t say this is stupid please :wink: .

In this particular case, since this software is available in the AUR, I recommend reading this topic:

In general, is barely maintained, and on the subject of packaging you are better off reading this.

Thanks for the answer, I’ll take a read!

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