How to properly send an email to

recently I’ve send an email to about an outdated ccr package (that I would like to maintain), but I got an automatic mail in response:

from:	Chakra <>
reply-to:	Chakra <>
date:	5 Nov 2019, 11:51
subject:	[Rejected] orphan request for slack-desktop in CCR 
Signed by:

Unfortunately, your email message to GitLab could not be processed.

We couldn't find the project. Please check if there's any typo.

So I would like to ask, do mails to have to have some specific format? Do I have to include some keywords?

Sorry if I misunderstood something,

We make use of the GitLab Service Desk feature, which means that sending an e-mail to should create a new confidential issue in the website project “Mélange” issue tracker.

However, at 2019-09-29 13:00:00 UTC I renamed the project and changed its namespace from chakra/websites/ to chakra/, which also changed the internal e-mail address for the service desk. This resulted in the cryptic automatic reply. I failed to notice that at the time, but I have now updated to forward e-mails sent to it correctly.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

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Should I then resend the request?

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