How to install rEFInd


(Chroot Doot ✝) #1

If you are having trouble with Grub, or are just looking for an alternative bootmanager, try installing rEFInd.

Disclaimer: If your current bootmanager is usable, I would stick with it.


  • Download and install package from CCR
  • Run install-refind as sudo/root user

Any installed OSes should be automatically detected, and no further configuration should be needed.

The Installation should not mess with any other bootmanager outside of /boot/efi/EFI/refind, so to revert to a previous bootloader, all that is necessary is change the efibootmgr order.


  • Remove /boot/efi/EFI/refind
  • Run efibootmgr and change the boot order

If there are issues with the package or the software, let me know.

Current Issues:

  • Uses default configuration, not yet themed/configured with Chakra in mind
  • Any bugs listed HERE

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