How to compile Plasma in Chakra (deprecated in favour of GitLab Wiki)


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See,-Plasma,-and-Applications-by-KDE instead.

These are instructions for our packagers and anyone interested in packaging Plasma by KDE on Chakra using our buildsystem.

  1. Get the tars before entering the buildsystem
  • Empty the _sources folder in the buildsystem with

     $ rm -r ~/buildsystem/chakra/_sources/*
  • If you are using our buildserver, copy the plasma tars into your buildsystem from the shared folder using

     $ cp -r /home/shared/stable/plasma/PLASMAVERSION/* ~/buildsystem/chakra/_sources

    Replace PLASMAVERSION with the version of Plasma you wish to build.

  • If you are building locally, download the tars and the signatures manually from KDE’s servers into the ~/buildsystem/chakra/_sources folder.

  1. Get the checksums before entering the buildsystem

    $ cd ~/buildsystem/chakra/_sources
    $ sha256sum *.tar.xz > plasma.sums
    $ mv plasma.sums ~/buildsystem/chakra/core/
  2. Enter the buildsystem

    $ ./ core
  3. Reset the pkgrel for plasma packages

    $ plasma.order
  4. Update plasma.conf by running

    $ nano plasma.conf

    and replacing the PVersion= and PSubVersion= parameters with the version you want to build.

  5. Build the plasma group of packages

    $ plasma.order

If you are packaging for the official repos remember to

  • git push your changes
  • upload the files into the testing repository

If something fails

  • and you want to run the build again, remember to open plasma.order and delete the packages that have successfully built, so you can start the new build from the package that failed.
  • check that the shasums are correct.

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