How to build packages automatically using the Chakra GitLab CI


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This guide is aimed at developers and packagers, to explain how the Chakra GitLab CI instance works and how to use it.

GitLab comes with a Continuous Integration feature (CI, for short) that can build and test software at each new commit. The tool is flexible enough to be used for other purposes - in Chakra we use the GitLab CI workflow to build packages on request.

The key concepts are:

  • Pipeline
    This defines a list of stages to be executed in the order specified in the .gitlab-ci.yml file.
  • Stage
    This defines what should be done and when, as specified in the .gitlab-ci.yml file. When executed, it is called a job.
  • Job
    This is the execution process of stages.

The current workflow has been defined like this:

How to build packages

  1. Push a new commit with a keyword in the commit message. This is the most interesting part - keywords are used to change the CI behaviour (also see Commit content below):
    • [skip-ci]
      Skip the CI workflow and don’t trigger the package building process.
    • [testing] or [staging]
      Specify a repository to build against that will also be the upload destination, e.g.
      [staging] rest of commit message here
    If no keyword is specified in the commit message, the defaults are used:
    • [desktop] and [gtk] packages are built against [core], [desktop], [lib32], and [gtk]
    • [core] and [lib32] packages are built against the above and [testing]
    • All packages are uploaded to [testing]
  2. The package building process is automatically started.
  3. When done, the deploy_pkgs job can be started manually, and the package(s) are moved to the corresponding repository.

Commit content

These are the files that the CI scripts can handle:

    The specified package is built based on the committed and pushed PKGBUILD. Multiple PKGBUILD files can be included in a single commit - the build script automatically sorts them based on their dependencies and start the build process.
  • .order
    If an .order file is modified, the CI script will read the entire file, sort the content by dependencies, and start the build process.

:warning: It is currently not possible to build the current definition of package groups, because the script can not parse the external configuration file.

Currently CI-enabled repositories

Last updated on 2018-03-03.

:x: [core]
:white_check_mark: [desktop]
:x: [lib32]
:white_check_mark: [gtk]

Automated package building with the GitLab CI