How should our incomes and expenses be made available to the public?

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In #news there is this:

In that topic, I’d like to make the following available for public scrutiny:

  • Past expenses and incomes
  • Current balance
  • Future expenses

I personally believe that given the small size of our assets, that topic should be sufficient. There are other options available, such as ledger, available under the BSD license. Discourse has post versioning built-in, which would (in theory) allow for all the information to be contained in the first post (until it reaches the limit of 65536 characters) and allowing everyone to view each change.

There is currently no defined way of approving expenses (which is part of the reason why I use my personal credit card) and I think that proposing budgets for the coming calendar year may be a step on the way to a commonly accepted solution. It is therefore also necessary to motivate each expense, as I’ve tried to do here. If it turns out that we can’t afford one thing or another, it is of course possible to only use free (gratis, not libre) solutions, such as using e.g.:

  • for hosting source code instead of hosting GitLab on a server of our own
  • as a forum instead of hosting Discourse on of a server of our own
  • to host packages and releases instead of hosting them on a server of our own
  • for documentation instead of hosting MediaWiki on a server of our own

Past expenses and incomes and Current balance can be presented in classic credit-debit style. Future expenses would be akin to presenting a budget, a projection of calculated or estimated expenses for the coming time period - a calendar year, in this case. I believe that this can be solved with two tables per year, like so:

I’d like to know if there is missing or superfluous information, and if the formatting and choice of words can be improved. The idea is that this would be updated on a monthly basis - perhaps at the same time as that of the monthly SPI meeting - and kept simple.

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