How do you use systemD?


systemd are more than the init daemon and as for system administartion :wink:

  • systemd-nspawn
  • systemd-networkD
  • systemd-boot
  • systemd/timers
  • systemd/users
  • as init daemon and system logging and system administration

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if you don’t know what these different programs can do please read for explanation:


you can make multiple choices :slight_smile:

Interesting topic @brikler, I actually didn’t know about several of these usages, so cheers for pointing them out. :clap:

I use systemd actively for troubleshooting. I test a lot of things on my system to make sure what we ship in Chakra is as reliable as possible, but as expected, things often go wrong. :open_mouth:

So systemd-nspawn comes to the rescue for fixing broken systems that have issues booting. And systemd tools for administration and logging are really useful for looking into those misbehaving services, booting errors, etc.

there is a keyword missing, it means: only as init daemon and system logging and system administration

btw does no one use systemd-boot?

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