How do you install Air VPN and TOR on Chakra?

How do you install Air VPN and TOR on Chakra? Have an amazing day.

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  • what is Air VPN?
  • have you search the package repository about the name?
  • do you know what NetworkManager is and how it works?

Tor browser or tor network?
Tor browser is simple.

For the tor network is a howto on the archwiki It is an VPN

no, I am new to linux


Thank you

According to the link, “Air VPN” is just a service provider supporting
the OpenVPN software as a means of accessing their service. If you
subscribe to their service, they will most likely provide you
credentials as well as recommended settings, if any. NetworkManager
supports OpenVPN (install the networkmanager-openvpn package from
[core] if it isn’t already installed). Select to create a new VPN
connection in NetworkManager and input the credentials accordingly.

I don’t understand if the use of TOR is directly related to the use of
OpenVPN. If it isn’t, please ask about TOR in a separate e-mail, and
stick to questions about OpenVPN in this thread.