How do I request addition of software to the CCR?


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How do I request addition of software to the CCR?

Unable to install pkgbrowser from the CCR
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Anyone can register an account and submit software to the CCR. If a package is already available for Arch Linux, you can follow this tutorial:

If you are unable to package the software yourself, you can ask for someone else who may be willing to help out by following these steps:

  1. Make sure the package is not already included in the official repositories or the CCR.
  2. Create a new topic in #help with the #request tag. It is suitable that you select a subject line such as “Request for $software to be packaged”, e.g. “Request for Krita to be packaged”.
  3. In the message body, add the URL of the software’s official website. You might also consider adding the URL of the package in either Arch Linux’ repositories or the AUR if it’s there, since it can make the process of packaging it easier.

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