How do I report something on any of the Chakra websites being incorrect or broken?


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How do I report something on any of the Chakra websites being incorrect or broken?

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Can't open virt-manager ccr webpage - Error 503
Can't open virt-manager ccr webpage - Error 503
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It seems simple — you experience a problem with one of our websites or services, and so you decide to write to us about it. Unfortunately, a vast majority of such reports do not contain enough information to tell us what is wrong. This results in frustration for both parties — we grow weary of spending time trying to extract useful information from you, and you don’t understand why we don’t just fix the problem.

There are - at the time of writing this - no less than five servers hosting over a dozen different websites and services for Chakra. For this reason it is impractical to scour logs based on vague reports — it is the equivalent of searching for a needle in a haystack. Do not assume that we have any idea who you are, which website or service you are referring to, or anything else about your situation. Should you find an issue with any of those, please ensure that your report includes below listed pieces of information.

The date and time

We have visitors from around the world, and many different time zones. In order for us to be able to check our logs from a specific date we need to know when the issue happened. Provide the date and time expressed according to ISO 8601 in UTC.

The address

Most issues are related to a specific page or pages on a website, so telling us which page you’re referring to is essential. When you visit a web page, the URL (address) of the page is shown in your browser’s address bar. Copy the URL of any relevant pages you have trouble with and paste them into your report.

Steps to reproduce the issue

There are countless potential causes for most website issues. In order to troubleshoot, we need a lot of information. When describing the issue, start at the beginning and explain each and every single step you are taking, and describe in intricate detail what goes wrong.

Example of a completely useless report:

I tried to post a message at your forum but it won’t let me.

In this case we would have to write back to you and ask for more details. The following example would be more useful:

I went to your forum at I registered with the username [name] and password [password]. I received the confirmation e-mail telling me the registration was complete. I returned to the forum and entered my details in the login form displayed when I clicked the button labelled “Log In” in the top right corner of the forum home page. When I clicked the button labelled “Log In” below the form, I received the following error message:

Invalid username or password

I have double-checked my login details and verified that Caps Lock isn’t enabled.

Error messages

Error messages may seem like gibberish to you but they are there for a reason — to give us accurate information. Copy and paste any error messages into your report so that we can read them. As an example, the following (real) error message might seem pointless to you:

Error 503 Connection refused
Connection refused
Guru Mediation:
Details: cache-bma7026-BMA 1507394347 2337869387

To us, however, that is great information. Based on this information we can get an immediate answer to the issue.

Where to send the report

If you’ve encountered a security flaw, unfit to disclose publicly, please send an e-mail to or

Otherwise, please report it in the appropriate project on our issue tracker. Should the issue tracker there for some reason be unavailable, you may send an e-mail to either or

Please understand that any e-mails regarding technical support or other non-related issues will be ignored. For technical support there is the #help category, optionally reachable by sending e-mail to

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