How do I install and uninstall applications?

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Hello I reclently mooved out from Ubuntu to Chakra, I’d like to know how I can install some apps and remove some not used apps that come with chakra.


How do I update my system?
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Relevant FAQ entry, also see:

$ man pacman

How can I install the Opera web browser?
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Thanks, another doubt I only have Chakra in my PC, how can I remove the boot options. Thanks

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When asking questions, please choose one (1) issue per topic as described here. Please mark this topic as solved and create a new topic for any new question you might have. Please edit your topic title to reflect your question as well.

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totte chakra uses yaourt repo like arch, how can I use it to install opera browser. Thanks

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No, Chakra doesn’t provide yaourt. Search in the FAQ for “CCR” and “chaser”. Since the original question has been resolved, please edit the title and mark this as solved.

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