How do I create a package that's installed on one system (but no longer in the repositories) to install on another?

I have an application installed on my main system, which is no longer in the repositories as it was replaced by something I am less than thrilled about. I wish to create a package from that, in order to 1. install it on another system (which was freshly installed after said replacement took place) and 2. save for later, in case something horrible happens to my main box (or something really good like upgrading my hardware :wink: ).

How do I do this?

  1. find a PKGBUILD from your desired program and download them
  2. change to the directory where you have stored the PKGBUID and run makepkg -rs this command will download source files, install build dependencies and after build it will be removed

for more information read man makepkg

how to build optimized packages

Pray tell. How would I find a PKGBUILD for an application no longer in the repositories because the devs deem it obsolete?

Again. How can I turn something already installed on my PC into a package pacman can install?

As for the link, that’s Chinese to me. I know nothing about optimisation and have no idea why it would be relevant, it’s not what I asked.

Well, apparently, it was in the repos. Just gone missing from the ‘table of contents’ when I tried a while ago. Still no answer to my question, but that just became moot anyway.

So, in case you, dear reader, run into the same sort of problem: just go on IRC and ask totte about that package.