How can I submit an update for an outdated package at CCR?


I have a doubt about CCR. I want to update some outdated packages at this repo. In order to generate the src.tar.gz updated packages, I followed the steps described the following guide at without a problem:

However, as I’m not the owner/manteiner of this packages, I cannot send the src.tar.gz files. How I can achieve this at CCR system?


Hi @f4cund089,
What’s the name of the outdated package you would like to adopt?
If the maintainer doesn’t answer, I will abandon the package so you can adopt it.

If I understood correctly, the recommended way is to send an email to, by:

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If I understood correctly, the recommended way is to send an email to

this should be the idea behind and it will work if anybody read the mail but nobody will read it… perhaps when the next “chakra cycle” begins in autumn :<

Sorry for the late reply. The packages to adopt from CCR are this: logmein-hamachi and quamachi.

And if you want, I can adopt the zoom package that is marked as outdated.

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Ok, feel free to adopt all of them.

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Thank you! I was already able to update those packages in the CCR. So if the current package maintainer does not respond to the email, do we send an email to so we can adopt them? Or there is another way?

Exactly, that’s the correct way to handle this.

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Give me just a couple of days to check the spam… :sweat_smile:
I disowned the package. The package was not updated because I had some issue upgrading it. Then I forgot to retry again… I’m sorry.


Thanks and excuse me, I still did not understand how CCR worked for these cases! :sweat_smile:

No problem, It’ my fault, I should check more often CCR portal…

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