How can I install the Opera web browser?

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How to install opera on chakra and remove qcupzilla, kmail sieve ktnef


(totte) #2

It’s in the CCR.

I explained previously where to find instructions on how to install and uninstall packages, as well as where to find information on building packages from the CCR.

(tom) #3

opera is in CCR

ccr opera

to remove application you use pacman or the pacman gui front end octopi

sudo pacman -R <app1> <app2> ... <appN<
(Pedro Henrique Silva De Deus) #4

thanks worked like yaourt. Thanks

(Pedro Henrique Silva De Deus) #5

I run ccr opera, and after download all dependency stops at

(tom) #6

you see the PKGBUILD and you can edit… if you want.
close the editor and the build will go on

(Pedro Henrique Silva De Deus) #7

Thanks I tried again and works my last doubt is How to install portuguese language packs and check for drivers updates, I dont have more topics. Thanks

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@Pedro_Henrique_Silva please try to read and follow our community guidelines for this category to help keep our forum tidy and searchable by keeping it to one issue per topic. Since you already marked this topic as solved an hour ago I’ll close it for you.

@brikler, please do not recommend using deprecated software. chaser was released over a year ago and has effectively replaced ccr .

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