How addicted are you to `pacman -Syu`?

(Neofytos Kolokotronis) #1

I just realized I must be running this command to upgrade the system like 20 times a day minimum.

Even when no packages are available, I still find satisfaction in knowing that my system is up to date.

And even when there are no upgrades for my system, seeing the databases refreshing shows me that our packagers are active in pushing new updates and fixes to packages. And this makes me happy, cause I know that some Chakra user out there will be benefiting from this.

How often do you guys run the upgrade command? Are you addicted like me to $ sudo pacman -Syu? :smile:

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(Francesco Marinucci) #2

I’m definitely addicted to sudo pacman -Syyu (yes, I always force databases sync :sweat_smile:)
I have the ILoveCandy option enabled in pacman.conf and just love to see that funny pacman eating zeroes :rofl:

(tom) #3

one time a day and i am using “checkupdates” not pacman -Syu imo it is more handy :wink:

(Francesco) #4

Definitely addicted to ccr -Syyu, at least few times a day :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Thanks a lot guys for all the great work and great effort you put into that! :beers: :beers: :beers:

I dind’t know about the ILoveCandy option, first thing I will check tomorrow!!!

(Neofytos Kolokotronis) #5

I also have enabled TotalDownload and VerbosePkgLists. I think it’s worth considering enabling them by default.

You can find more on pacman options by running $ man pacman.conf or checking the manual online.

All this time I wasn’t aware of checkupdates, thanks @brikler for pointing it out!

(dinolib) #6

First thing I do when I start the PC, or sit in front of it, or I’m bored, or nervous, or I’m trying to remember something… :grin:

ccr -Syu or pacman -Syu depending on the days

And just about pacman options: when removing pagages always -Rnns

(cidig) #7

It’s the first thing I do when I sit in front of my laptop which is many times a day, usually followed by ccr -Syu. :wink:

(kepszlok) #8

My Chakra starts with an open terminal window on the desktop. So it’s obvious, i will type sudo pacman -Syu there before anything else. :slight_smile:
But that’s all. So i’m not yet an addict!

Btw, after big updates, i always restarts my system from the terminal. It’s working all the time while restarting from the GUI can be problematic during these big updates.

(Rémy Epke) #9

sudo pacman -Syy && ccr -Suu aliased to something tiny here.
Also, ILoveCandy is awesome, why didn’t I know about that before! Cheers @FranzMari!

In fact, ILoveCandy should be standard.
And this should be playing while updating :grin:

(kepszlok) #10

OMG! Please set this by default! :slight_smile:

(vmorenomarin) #11

Every day, after log in session. :sweat_smile:

(Fred Talmadge) #12

I’m about a once a week guy. I don’t mind being a few days behind as long as things are working.

(Knut Hildebrandt) #13

Not at all. Octopi does the job for me. It checks once an hour. Once in a while I check CCR running ccr -Syu or chaser update. Would love if this could be done automatically by Octopi too.

Thanks for the hint about the ILoveCandy option. Love it. And thanks tetris4 for the remark about the pacman options.

(embrolio) #14

Same as @king.knut, I have Octopi notifier always visible, so if the octopi/ghost is green, I know it’s all good. But anyway, if a couple of days pass with no update alert, I run pacman -Syu just in case :smiley: .

And I also use ILoveCandy (I discovered it when I was distro hoping some time ago, KaOS has this option enabled by default).

(tom) #15

a propos powerpill :wink:

(Neofytos Kolokotronis) #16

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