Here’s to our work done in 2018, and a great 2019!

This announcement is also available in Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese.

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Our @team would like to wish our community a happy new year!

Once again, we take this opportunity to thank all of you for reporting issues, triaging bugs, providing feedback, translating our software, giving #help to each other here as well as in our IRC channel and Matrix room, donating, and - last but not least - spreading the word about us and our distribution!

Looking back

In February, @FranzMari, @Ram-Z, and @tetris4 attended this year’s FOSDEM held in Brussels, Belgium. A few days later, the massive rebuild of packages for the GCC ABI changes was made available for testing, and then announced again when deemed stable and made available to all our users.

In April, Pacman 5 with its new features such as hooks and file database operations was made available.

In July, we received a sponsorship by GitLab Inc, giving us access to all the features of the enterprise edition of their software.

In August, @s8321414 and @tetris4 attended this year’s Akademy held in Vienna, Austria.

In December, Linux 4.19 patched with the ck patchset by Con Kolivas was made available for testing by @AlmAck. In addition, a Freenode group for Chakra was finally registered after over eight years of our community being present on their network. Amongst other things, this means that our @team members can now show their affiliation with Chakra by donning project cloaks of the form @chakra/$nick. Our two IRC bots got cloaks of the form @chakra/bot/$nick.

Over the year, this website has gotten more than twenty new #tutorials and #help:faq entries added, such as:

Last, but not least, the continuous work done by our packagers deserves recognition - here in a table, to provide an overview of what was made available when.

Date Frameworks Plasma Applications Qt Linux systemd
2018-01-08 5.41.0 5.11.5 17.12.0
2018-01-16 4.14.12
2018-01-24 5.42.0 17.12.1
2018-02-25 5.43.0 5.12.2 17.12.2
2018-03-18 5.44.0 5.12.3 17.12.3
2018-04-05 4.15.14
2018-04-15 5.45.0 5.12.4
2018-05-19 5.46.0 5.12.5 18.04.1
2018-06-14 5.11.0 4.16.6 238.76
2018-07-07 5.47.0 5.13.2 18.04.2
2018-07-29 5.48.0 5.13.3 18.04.3
2018-08-19 5.49.0 5.13.4 18.08.0
2018-09-17 5.50.0 5.13.5 18.08.1 4.18.12 239.0
2018-10-28 5.51.0 5.14.2 18.08.2
2018-12-03 5.52.0 5.14.4 18.08.3

Looking forward

In 2019, we would like to focus on the following:

  • Holding the 2nd in-person Chakra meeting, with a key signing party
  • Improving our ISO creation and release process
  • Introducing signing of our ISO, repository databases, and packages
  • Introducing the net-install feature in our installer, Calamares
  • Organizing the updates of non-rolling package groups
  • Finding a logging and monitoring solution for our infrastructure
  • Adding to, and improving our documentation
  • Improving our website

As you may already know, we are enthusiasts who enjoy working on Chakra in our free time. Our goals are to improve all of that which makes Chakra great, and fix any issues that hold it back. We can’t make any guarantees, but we will try our best! We hope that you enjoy using Chakra and being part of our community!


:smiley: Primero :yum: que viva Chakra.

+1 Looking forward to the future version!!!
Great job

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Thank you for the great work!
Any news about akabei?

akabei is in a frozen state since we focusing on other things with higher priority. Is mostly usable, but for sure some bugs are not discovered now, we can’t release it as is.
If you want to try you can follow this tutorial: