Hawking rc4 download

Hi all

I had hawking early version installed on my laptop but but wrote over the usb to install an arch based linux distro,the laptop with hawking went pear shaped so went looking for hawking rc4 but cant download from anyware, is there a link i can download cheers as chakra is my fav linux os , im currently useing kaos.

All testing ISO should be here: https://rsync.chakralinux.org/releases/testing/

  1. there isn’t a hawking rc4 only a rc2
  2. further releases are dropped because there is/was a bug in calamares installer
  3. hawking rc1 and hawking rc2 are useless for you because you couldn’t upgrade calamares

you could try installation with arch-install-scripts or use a old iso


  1. calamares should be updated because 3.2.21 is released https://github.com/calamares/calamares/releases/tag/v3.2.21
  2. if you want you can grab the PKGBUILD and build calamares
    2.1 change pkgver=3.2.8 to pkgver=3.2.21
    2.2 run updpkgsums
    2.3 start package building makepkg -rsi
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