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A month ago, the category #news:testing was created for @testers, and to separate information intended only for them from the rest of the community. You can read more about the reasoning behind it here.

This method of communication does however add an extra step. For every outdated or broken package, an issue is created. The issue is then assigned to a @team member, triaged, and (hopefully) resolved and closed. The package is uploaded to [testing], and possibly mentioned in the recurring, monthly topics posted in #news:testing. It is then possibly noticed and tested. Either way, it is moved to the stable repositories at a somewhat arbitrary point in the future.

I’d like to get @testers involved at an earlier stage in the process, and reduce the amount of time spent writing special topics for #news:testing. I think this can be done by creating a group in GitLab for @testers that is notified of issues to be tested by mentioning the group. This is a solution already used by the GitLab developers themselves, although in our case we may not be able to make as much use of builtin quality assurance solutions (for packages, at least).

The testers group has to be separate from the Chakra group, because if it were a subgroup of e.g. the Chakra/Packages group - all members of the Chakra group would forcibly be made members of it as well (see this epic). The way it is now, testers can be mentioned in an issue or comment the same way like in Discourse; @testers.

The process I have in mind looks like this:

  1. An issue is created here for an outdated or broken package.
  2. A @team member is self-assigned or assigned the issue.
  3. The assignee resolves the issue with a git commit, in which the issue is referenced but not closed. The (hopefully) fixed package is uploaded to [testing].
  4. The assignee replies with a comment like this, to assign the label “Needs testing” and notifying @testers:
    /cc @testers
    /label ~"Needs testing"
    /due in 7 days
  5. @testers test the package. If the issue is not resolved - describe this in a comment. If the issue is resolved, reply with something along the lines of this:

    Tested and confirmed to be working.

  6. Other @testers who find it to be working as well can agree with the first tester to respond by clicking the smiley face in the top right corner of the comment, and adding a reaction - :+1: might be a good choice.
  7. Once the package is moved from [testing] to a stable repository, the label “Needs testing” is removed and the issue is closed:
    /unlabel ~"Needs testing"

I believe this could reduce workload and make for more efficient testing, with less delays. What do you think? I invited the members of @testers here that I could find to the group in GitLab.

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