FreeSync support with Nvidia now available in Chakra

You have for sure heard this news, NVIDIA announced “G-SYNC Compatible” in supporting FreeSync/Adaptive-Sync displays as an alternative to the more expensive dedicated G-SYNC monitors.
That’s a extremely good news for everyone that have a FreeSync monitor but they are using an Nvidia card.
Also in Chakra is now possible to test and use this feature, starting with Nvidia 418.43 actually in [testing].

In order to enable that you have to open the nvidia-settings panel and under X Server Display Configuration open the Advanced options. From there you can enable the G-SYNC mode for non validate monitors (aka FreeSync).
Be sure to have activated the FreeSync option on your monitor!

Only 12 high end monitor were validated from Nvidia, but the community has build a table with all the other monitor tested and with the results, check if your monitor is supported and which workaround you have to apply to activate the G-SYNC mode.



The proof, look at the top right of your monitor and you should see a green text with G-Sync (Normal if does not work), in my case it works (tested with DOTA)! :confetti_ball:

Nvidia GTX1070OC with a Samsung U28E590D (4k monitor)

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