Frameworks 5.62.0, Plasma 5.16.4, and Applications 19.08.0 by KDE, and Qt 5.13.1, systemd 242.84, and Linux 5.2.11 are now available

The following updates are now available in the stable repositories: [core], [desktop], [lib32], and [gtk].

Name Version Release date Link to issue/epic
Frameworks 5.62.0 2019-09-14 N/A
Plasma 5.16.4 2019-07-30 N/A
Applications 19.08.0 2019-08-15 N/A
Qt 5.13.1 2019-09-05 N/A
systemd 242.84 2019-04-11 N/A
Linux 5.2.11 2019-08-29 N/A

Most of our mirrors synchronize with the central repositories on the origin server within 24 hours. Run sudo pacman -Syu to update and upgrade your system. If you have any issues updating or upgrading, reply to this topic with the complete input and output in English, i.e. run LC_ALL=C sudo pacman -Syu.


For everyone that use nvidia-340xx driver, you should switch to open source nouveau driver because we don’t support nvidia-340xx for latest kernel now.

Users of btrfs may wish to wait until a different kernel is available. According to this thread on the btrfs mailing list, there’s a serious btrfs corruption issue in the kernel that’s been “fixed upstream stable since 5.2.15, and includes all 5.3.x series”.

(Thread found by finding “5.2.15 fix for regression introduced in 5.2” on the btrfs wiki main page and searching the mailing list for “5.2.15”.)

Edit: It looks like adding “nospace_cache” to mount options (e.g., in /etc/fstab) is a workaround. Here is a message explaining how the corruption issue works, and the workaround.

Key parts:

You can go v2 space cache which uses metadata CoW to protect its space cache, thus in theory it should be a little safer than V1 space cache.

Or you can just disable space cache using nospace_cache mount option, as it’s just an optimization. It’s also recommended to clean existing cache by using “btrfs check --clear-space-cache v1”.

I’d prefer to do a “btrfs check --readonly” anyway (which also checks free space cache), then go nospace_cache if you’re concerned.

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Thank you for this warning, Mark.
Unfortunately, I know too little, so I prefer to wait for a kernel> = 5.2.15.

Oddly, after running this update and then rebooting, on both of my Chakra installs, all of my Konsole windows (restored on startup) were missing all their tabs. Not a big deal, but thought it might be worth mentioning.


In my case too the update went smooth for the most part, but I’m having some problem with the system sensors. Kysguard is not able to show anymore the charts with the system load, similar problem for the widget that can be add on the desktop, both the network indicator, the disk space indicator and the cpu load are not working. Maybe I do have to delete some cache somewhere?

I tried to reinstall lm_sensor, the procedure is going fine but I think it manages to find much less sensors compare to what I can remember.

Any ideas? Any error message that I can try to check?

Thanks a lot!

I can replicate this. With the last lm_sensors update (landed in [testing] more than a month ago) my desktop widget can no longer display temperature and cpu/ram/disk usage.

It seems ksysguard need a rebuild against new lm_sensors.

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Yup, testing/ksysguard 5.16.4-2 resolves the issue. Thanks!


After update, I can’t start octopi.

Hi @Jerome_971,

please report your issue here, as per How do I notify the packagers of a package being broken?, and try to provide more information.