Firefox package renamed since 66.0.2


Now that it only appears as “System Handler” when dealing with “Open with” function.
BUT, Firefox should open things with Plasma’s default application related to that mime-types, just that it isn’t shown.
Name Version Release date Link to issue/epic
firefox 66.0.2 2019-03-27

The package is renamed from firefox-kde to firefox only, enabled GTK_USE_PORTAL=1 in executive wrapper file, and removed OpenSuse patchset. Since KDE file dialog is support in different way, I also removed kmozillahellper bundled.

This move to testing is intended to test:

  1. if the integration still works
  2. if the migration from firefox-kde to firefox is smooth
  3. compare the browsing experience between the opensuse-patched version (downgrade needed) and this version.

ps. please move away any customized firefox.desktop($HOME/.local/share/applications/) file in case interfered with package provided one.

Please report any feedback here! Thanks for your testing!


:: removing firefox-kde breaks dependency ‘firefox-kde=66.0.1’ required by firefox-i18n-hu

The language packs do need to be updated to the new dependency as well.


Also, the yes/no button is inversed, as these GUI component are hard-coded in Firefox, so…without the patch, it is somehow different from KDE usercase.

So far it’s working fine. I didn’t noticed any difference.

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There are a quite old language package in the repo:

firefox-i18n-be 50.1.0-1, and it depends on firefox-kde=50.1.0

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removed, thx for noticing. :slight_smile:


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