Firefox 57 - What you should know

Hey all,

The long awaited Firefox 57 Quantum beta just landed in our testing repository. This is a major upgrade for Firefox, with many important changes, so am posting here to notify all users for what is to come:

Have in mind that If you are using legacy add-ons that haven’t been ported to the new API, they are no longer supported and will be disabled.

For the full details, please read Mozilla’s release notes.

It’s a sad day for us, old Firefox users. That new webextensions API from Chrome are simply dumb.

My main worry is the tab groups extension. Am skipping this upgrade for now just for this, I really hope they find some way to reintroduce this functionality soon.

And I really look forward to containers.

notify? really? not “warn” all users? because every new FF release had make FF less convenient :stuck_out_tongue:

just tested and noscript doesn’t work

As this mess went on, I think it is legit to consider if we should provide ESR release for those who need legacy addons or time to prepare themselves on this new horizon.

Please consider your daily usage, and vote for a solution we can consider below.

  • Update firefox+patchset with release channel
  • Update firefox+patchset with release channel, maintain firefox-esr binary release in CCR
  • Update firefox+patchset with release channel, maintain firefox-esr without patchset
  • Update firefox+patchset with release channel, maintain firefox-esr with patchset

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Please, update language files too!

firefox-i18n and others

since it is just beta build, I’m not going to, you can grab the locale here

OK, but at least, name it firefox-kde-beta. Am I wrong?

Due the fact that is a beta version I would now move it in our main repository. Or we rename it -beta (as suggested by dinolib) or we keep it in unstable until is ready.
This is a core SW for our users, we should not break their daily work.

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I like the new firefox. I have been testing Nightly and beta from mozilla website since some time.

Most of know or should know how to block updates and we should know how to revert back when an update does not work out. I think most of us like to stay updated, so eventually FF users will update or we will move on to another browser. For me it’s just a matter to see when the few add ons that I use are updated.

  1. it is beta, that is why I put it in [testing] as it wouldn’t be stable enough for the [stable] user, and break their daily work.
  2. the KDE patchset isn’t ready/tagged yet, I just try to apply them and see if things work out. (which isn’t 100% apparently)
  3. It is in [testing] so that we won’t break [stable] user’s experience as we know that testers has their own risk and skill on breaking and recovering the system.

I agree with you about the skills to block certain update or revert back as a tester.
Eventually we’ll update to this version of FF, however, there are critics all over the net. Besides, we still offer several alternatives to browser era.

I read that sentence:

Firefox Quantum launches November 14, 2017

What that means? that starting from November 14 the only version will be this one? or the “old” and the Quantum are available at the same time?

@brli, perfect I agree with your statements

I think they’re playing a physics/geeky joke on “Quantum Leap”. Means the browser speed between two versions (56, 57) is far more than any other previous two version.

And, basically they’re fuzzing a slowly blend-in approach, which begin with adding rust from 48.0, and nowadays many part of the system is replaced by rust code.

The leap not only occurs with the UI refactoring or the strip of old extension API, but also with the js rendering engine and CSS parser. Which becomes quite stable and default since this (57.0) version.

However, upstream doesn’t care much about a shared-lib system, since they have to maintain an universal functional (automatic) packaging system, they tends to focus on internal bundle of a lot of dpendencies, and sometimes, the linking part is hard-coded that leads to broken compilation of shared linking.

So, we currently still disable the new CSS parser, stylo, for this release.

IIRC, there is a testing project to utilize full servo as browser engine, but the plan is to fully replace Firefox with the new core in the near future (59.0?).

Hi @team,

Firefox 57 is now in [stable] but no ESR release in stable repo or in CCR. Do you planned to provide it or not?

Hi, thanks for your attention on this poll and move of our team, I’ve uploaded firefox-esr which is derived from AUR’s firefox-esr-bin package, it should work out of box, only that the profile it uses would be the default one, which may have some downgrade incompatibility.

Run this command at first time:
firefox-esr -P --no-remote and create a new profile
would bypass this potential issue.

I would suggest another approach, which is the cleanest one: upgrade to firefox 57, do the backup of your profile, no matter online to firefox sync, or offline by note down the extensions installed and export your bookmarks. You can get the plain texts of the passwords saved for different account under Security section of Preference, note it somewhere and purge it after you recover the profile. Remove the profile under ~/.mozilla/firefox and regenerate a new one.

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firefox-kde-57.0-2 uploaded, with opt-in client-side decoration (CSD) patch from Fedora team.

It is disabled by default, you can enable it via about:config > widget.allow-client-side-decoration set to true.

It is glitchy at this moment, so do not report bugs on the UI for now, if you think of it buggy, please revert the configuration to false.

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Well after all the concern it seems to me at least FF 57 is pretty good. It seems to be a bit faster, all my add ons were updated. Congratulation to Mozilla and Chakra for a good job.

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Firefox 57 is working fine here, as my extentions too.

Only problem if with flash player (bleah! :slight_smile:).
It can load flash, but doesn’t play animations and other advanced graphics.
You can check it here:
You should read flash player data and a tree animation, but nothing happens. Under Opera browser and Chrome it works.

I already checked for flash options and enable dangerous contents, but it’s the same.

A build-from-source version of CCR uploaded:

Please adopted if you like, I’m not going to maintain it for now.