Fastly now provides us with CDN services

I’m happy to announce that Fastly will provide us with their CDN services free of charge (to a certain limit, of course). This will most certainly help us provide a better website experience for all of our visitors. As of now, is served through their network, which should result in less load on the server it is hosted on, and shorter loading times for visitors from around the world. Over time, other websites of ours may be served through their network as well.

Fastly also supports other renowned open source projects, such as Debian, Haskell, Python, Ruby, Wine, and Linux - so I believe we are in good company!


I’m having trouble understanding this (and yes I searched to find out what CDN means), I can’t seem to grasp whether it’s the same as mirroring or not (another topic I only half understand). Any beginner-level, buzzword-free reading you could recommend?

This is how I would explain what I consider the most popular feature as simply as possible, at its most basic level.

Let’s call the server that hosts this Discourse installation the origin. All requests sent to now go through the CDN (Fastly), rather than directly to the origin.

If you send a request that someone else already sent within a certain time frame, you get a cached response from the CDN node determined to be closest to your position.

Otherwise, the CDN passes on the request to the origin, caches the response, and returns the response to you from the CDN node determined to be closest to your position.

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