E-mail addresses used for replying by e-mail to our Discourse and GitLab EE installations have been changed - replying to old e-mails sent from there may no longer work

A permanent solution to the previous topic on the same issue has been found - gandi.net has agreed to help us out and sponsor us with the chakra.email domain name and two e-mail accounts to be used with it!

In order to avoid potential abuse and exploits via our GitLab EE installation, the e-mail address used for receiving replies has been changed to code+%{key}@chakra.email. In addition, the corresponding address for our Discourse installation has been changed to community+%{reply_key}@chakra.email.

The change was carried out today at approximately 15:30Z.This means that replying to any old e-mails sent from our GitLab EE and Discourse installations will no longer work. Any new e-mails sent should however have the correct address set in the Reply-To header.

Out of the original four addresses for posting new topics by e-mail, only one remain: