Donde pedir eliminar CCR?

(Tux83) #1

Hola gente, estoy confundido con este nuevo foro, donde esta la seccion para pedir eliminar CCR ? :thinking:

Necesitaria que eliminen estos paquetes:

teamviewer-beta 13.0.6634-7 (es reemplazado por teamviewer13)
teamviewer9 9.0.32150-3 (version obsoleta, y huerfana).


(Hans TovetjƤrn) #2

teamviewer-beta 13.0.6634-7, maintained by @dinolib, and teamviewer9 9.0.32150-3, no maintainer, have been deleted.

Please send future requests to (in English), as indicated here, thanks.

(system) #3

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