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With the end of the year coming up, I’m sorting out my charitable giving, and Chakra is among the free software causes I like to give back to. I was actually thinking of making a little post reminding people they can give to Chakra, since the end of the year and the holiday season are times many people do such giving. But I can’t find a page, paypal address, or instructions for this, either on the home page or searching in this community app. The closest I get is this which links to a page that doesn’t work. So what’s the best way to give?

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There’s a link labelled “Donate” in the footer, see attached screenshot.

I’m not sure what’s up the SPI, Inc. website.

$ curl -IL
curl: (7) Failed to connect to port 80: Connection timed out

I haven’t received any e-mails on the lists about an outage, and the topic in their IRC channel doesn’t mention this, so I asked about it and the answer is that it is indeed down. I’m sure it’ll be back online soon. The hosting provider has been notified of the issue. The donation widget on should still work, as it’s a PayPal device.

The ledger is to be updated, there’s a draft in #drafts, for what it’s worth. The website at is getting a makeover, so all the information on all of those pages in the footer will get consolidated into a single long page.

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Huh! I’d swear I did a Find in page for “donate” there, but I must have fat-fingered it or something.

Anyway, thanks!

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