Deprecation of the CCR

The CCR has not been actively developed for at least six years. It currently depends on PHP 5, as well as even older components.

PHP 5.6.40, released on 2019-01-10, was the last scheduled release of the 5.6 branch. It is no longer supported.

By the end of June 2020 the Debian release “Jessie” – the operating system installed on the server hosting the CCR – reached its end of life.

In the issue addressing this, I made the suggestion of creating a read-only archive of the CCR contents.

Since there haven’t been any further developments, the CCR contents will be made available as a read-only archive, as described in the link. The server hosting the website will be shut down.

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And we should remove CCR link from our main website, and maybe add Discourse and GitLab link?

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