Dashboard transparency lost after last upgrade

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I’m using an old core 2 duo desktop machine. After initial install, everything was fine. Now, the dashboard displays on a completely black background. The desktop behavior settings have no effect in changing translucency. An internet post sometime back identified the same problem as being related to the brightness of the background, but then never discussed how to actually change that setting.

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Did you actually remove the template asking you for concrete info, like hardware setup and logs?
You might want to fill those in, as “last upgrade” is too vague.

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Welcome @misha66, please take the time to read the category description before posting:

As @ReemZ pointed out, please use the template provided by default for the #help category, and avoid referring to a “last” or “recent” upgrade since it has absolutely no meaning unless you back it up with actual details.

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So, the first response I get is to accuse me of doing something wrong (removing the template) and the second is to echo the first criticism . On your website rules for contributing it is noted:

Our interactions on this forum should…
…make members of our community feel comfortable to ask questions, reply to others, provide solutions, and suggest improvements .
…educate and inform each other on how to use our Chakra systems, and the services provided, so that we can make the most of them. This increases user satisfaction, improves the troubleshooting experience, and reduces the time and resources spent on support.
…create stronger bonds between Chakra users to enhance the sense of community among everyone. Committed people are more likely to stick around for the long term and help our community grow.
…enable everyone to contribute their part when possible and join the team22, so that Chakra remains a healthy distribution as more people come aboard.

Do you think any of these values was served with the responses I got?

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Sure. I was polite, first welcoming you as I recognised you as a new arrival, then asking you in a kind way to read the category description which has been very carefully put together in order to educate and inform on how to troubleshoot and ask for help in an efficient manner. It is also rather concise. Then I asked you, again politely, to use the default template (also available for copying and pasting in the linked topic) which would provide the most essential information needed to get started troubleshooting.

If you found any of this offensive, I’m sorry to hear that and will be out of your way.

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Is not related to this issue?

or is something else?
which video card do you use, intel?

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I didn’t accuse you of doing something wrong, I asked you if you removed the template.
A simple “no I did not, there wasn’t one” (which would indicate a problem with the site as it should be there) or “yes I did, is that info really that important” (yes, it is) would’ve been a more constructive answer. Getting offended because you misinterpreted what I said or misread my intentions isn’t going to help anyone.
Also, @totte wasn’t echoing criticism, he was explaining to you what I said better than I can, and a lot more polite than what I know of him.

Also, this might help you. It might also offend you. I can’t really predict which of the two, but my intention is the former.

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