Current status of the testing repository [2019-03-09 - 2019-04-28]

Name Version Release date Link to issue/epic
Frameworks 5.56.0 2019-03-09 #181
Plasma 5.15.3 2019-03-12 #179
Applications 18.12.3 2019-03-07 #131

Please test any packages with the “Needs testing” label - all may not be listed here. Submit a comment on the issue whether the new version works or not, as suggested here. Once two or more testers have stated that a package is working, it is ready to be moved to the stable repositories.

“Konqi bughunt” by Tyson Tan, Creative Commons BY-SA, made with Krita. The tagging and release dates are given by the upstream release schedules. The time period set for testing is an estimate based on the statistical data available for 2017.


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