Contact address for mirror questions


I’m an administrator of a mirror that also hosts the ChakraOS project.
In the past (up to 2016) we used and to reach out to your project, but sadly those
addresses bounce. Could you please provide an alternative address we can
use to communicate mirroring issues/questions/updates?

Please also make sure that our mirror is listed correctly, and enabled
in your redirection systems (if you have any). Our server had to recover
from a failure and wasn’t working in the past couple of days, sorry for
the inconvenience.

We use as our upstream. Our mirror is in
Aachen, Germany. Connectivity is 20 GBit/sec.




thanks for reaching out. You can send any questions regarding mirroring to and it will automatically create an issue in our issue tracker (the GitLab Service Desk is used to provide this feature).

At a cursory glance everything checks out on my end, i.e. the addresses provided are working and is in our list. I can’t tell if is working due to me not having an FTP client on my system. The content also appears to be up-to-date.

Let me know if you have any other questions, and thank you for your support!

Hi Totte,

thanks for the reply, I updated the contact details. Sadly, your setup
seems to be broken in several ways:

  1. It ignores the Reply-To (ftp@ instead of my personal address)
  2. It sends weird and extremely long URLs that are just confusing, see
    quote below.

Could you please have a look into this?


That’s unfortunate, I apologize for the inconvenience. You can also contact me specifically by sending an e-mail to – plain IMAP and SMTP.

E-mails sent to are made into issues (confidential, by default) in our GitLab issue tracker at

E-mails sent to are made into topics (public, by default) in our Discourse forum software at

Both GitLab and Discourse support e-mail in advanced ways, but to avoid any of their (well-intended) automagic wizardry, such as trimming quoted content and ignoring headers, would you please send any information directly to that I may parse it myself? Thank you!

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