Chakra now available in the Microsoft Store


(Neofytos Kolokotronis) #1

This announcement was our April Fool’s joke for 2018

This announcement is also available in Taiwanese Mandarin.

We are thrilled to announce the immediate availability of our distribution on Windows via the Microsoft Store.

If you are using Windows 10 you, simply visit the Microsoft Store and get Chakra installed with a simple click. With this initiative Chakra is now made available to even more people, following the steps of other popular linux-based distributions like Kali and Debian.

What’s more, thanks to the hard work of our developers we managed to get a fully working GUI environment, so we are not just offering command line tools to you, but a full Chakra system in all its glory.

We hope that by doing this even more users will get to experience Chakra’s unique combination of rolling upgrades over a stable system.


(Rémy Epke) #2

You’re talking about Windows, mate…

Seriously, where is the dislike button?


Stepping down as tester.

(ugjka) #3

I had a girlfriend once whose name was April

(Neofytos Kolokotronis) #4

@ReemZ took me a while to figure out if you fell for the joke or were just playing along. :slight_smile: I hope there are no hard feelings.

Yeah, as many figured out by now this was an April Fool’s day joke. We hope you didn’t get too frustrated or excited. :smiley:

Have a great month!

(Rémy Epke) #5

Once upon a time, Chakra was a serious distribution, with a good working forum where lots of information could be found.

Now, it’s got a childish website, which does have a “News” section but one never knows if it’s actually news or just a fucking joke.

How the fuck am I meant to still take youse seriously?

(tom) #6


on 364 days a year i would say “yes” :sunglasses:

(Neofytos Kolokotronis) #7

We’ve been doing April Fool’s jokes for ever since I can remember and it’s something several other distros also tend to do. The vast majority of our users enjoys it and we’ve even been complimented for being imaginative a couple of times. So I hope you can take this lightheartedly and we can move on.

(steven l kleiman) #8

This April Fool’s joke (chakra-now-available-in-the-microsoft-store) was not only imaginiative, but rather well done! it certainly fooled me at first. Thank you for it and for all the hard work you’ve been doing on Chakra for all our benefit.
– Steve

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