Chakra disappeared from DW

why Chakra disappeared from DistroWatch? (See:
It’s not in that “Select Distribution” combobox too.

Thanks, Blaazen.

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thy marked chakra as inaktive

A distribution which has not put out a new release in two or more years is marked as being Dormant in our database. The distribution may still be worked on, but has not published any new stable releases. When a dormant distribution publishes a new stable release it is then marked as being Active. A project may also be marked as dormant if it no longer plans to put out future releases, ie planned inactivity, while older releases are maintained.

the last chakra release is three years ago.

:neutral_face: I don’t understand why pre-releases and repositories status are not taken into account when they are judging whether a distribution is active or not.

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I do. The download links on the main page still point to bloody Gödel. FFS, how long has Hawking been out now?

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In my opinion it is simply ridiculous that the best Kde distribution is not mentioned by Distrowatch.


i am curious, how do you measure “the best” ?

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I simply omitted “one of the”…

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