Chakra at KDE’s Akademy 2018


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Also available in Taiwanese Mandarin.

Hey people,

We are excited to share that two of Chakra’s contributors, @s8321414 and I, will be attending KDE’s annual Akademy conference. This year it will take place in Vienna, Austria, from Saturday 11th to Friday 17th August.

This is the place where the KDE Community meets “to discuss and plan the future of the Community and its technology”.

We’ll be participating and presenting Chakra in the KDE Distro BoF, where there will be “short introductions for GNU/Linux distributions and open discussion on distribution-related topics”.

I’ll personally also be giving a talk on KDE’s Streamlined Onboarding goal, hoping to inspire current contributors to care more about introducing newcomers to their projects.

If you are also attending, leave a comment below so we can arrange to meet!

Chakra 在 KDE Akademy 2018
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So it’s been a while but I thought to share this photo as proof that both of us (left to right: @s8321414, @tetris4) were there! :smile: Meeting Jeff after so many years collaborating on Chakra was such a unique experience. :hugs:

As planned, I presented Chakra with a lightning talk at the distro BoF. We did receive a couple of questions, most of the people were interested in the half rolling repository model, our approach and implementation. You’lll find the slides of our presentation on KDE’s wiki.

It was my first Akademy and it was a blast, I had an amazing time and met all sorts of KDE contributors as well as very interesting people from other projects. If you are already contributing to KDE, following the project closely or would like to get more involved, I would definitely recommend participating at a future event!

The video of my talk on streamlining the onboarding process for KDE is now also available:

I hope we get the chance to meet with even more Chakra people in future events!

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