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Found an interesting discussion about Chakra on the internet? Perhaps you came across a review on a website, a magazine article or a video? Or maybe you have written your own blog entry or made a video presentation or tutorial about Chakra?

We would love to hear about it!

For older mentions you can check the thread on our previous forum.

(Neofytos Kolokotronis) #2

I’ll go first, as Chakra featured yesterday on and is still on the front page:

An overall positive preview of what Chakra offers, and nice to see the author got most things right.

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I had to use a translator for that :stuck_out_tongue: Glad to see you seem to enjoy Chakra and already joined our testers group! And thanks for writing on our distribution, spreading the word is so vital for the project, we could definitely use more content like this!

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We got a shout out on The Binary Times Podcast - Series 2 Episode 9, starts at 28:25.

In the totally off topic section Mark mentions that he might try a new release of Chakra OS to replace Ubuntu on his Thinkpad.

Hopefully his experience is good and Chakra gets a second mention soon! :slight_smile:

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(Neofytos Kolokotronis) #8

Chakra is featured this week on Distrowatch Weekly.

The positive is that the ISO works like a charm 6 months after the release. The writer though seems to not really appreciate how Chakra stands out from other KDE-oriented distros, perhaps a reminder that we should stress the half-rolling model?

(tom) #9

this is true and there a some second gaps when sddm starts but reduced performance on the desktop? have anybody noticed similar?

a’propos something unique, what do you think about kapudan?