Chakra Alumni Valedictions Page

I remember there used to be a Chakra “Goodbye” thread, in the old forums I think, where people would talk about why they were leaving Chakra. It was generally pretty upbeat and friendly and not very busy. I wanted to start something similar, but with Chakra gone very dormant at the least, the why probably doesn’t need much discussion, but it would be interesting to see where people go or have gone from here.

As for me, I’ve opted to go with GeckoLinux (rolling, Plasma), an openSUSE-based variant. I really like openSUSE’s excellent out-of-the-box btrfs support and configuration, making it easy to roll back after an update for instance. Gecko eases some of the transition to openSUSE with some friendly pre-configuration especially around package repositories. The familiar Calamares installer is also a plus.

I’ve had many good years from Chakra, and as my first distro it will always have a special place in my heart. Many thanks to the devs for all your great work over the years, making Chakra truly exceptional. I wish you all the best.

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