Chakra 2018.12 "Hawking" RC1 released

In my desktop with a Radeon RX570, there where no other steps required.
I just installed these packages:
vdpauinfo (ccr)
libva-utils (ccr)

And both vaapi and vdpau works fine, any good video player can use them. For Intel graphics, libva-intel-driver package needed but it can be installed with the others, they did not conflict at all. The package intel-media-driver may needed for newer Intel chips, but we did not have that package.

nouveau users may need the nouveau-fw package, but we did not have that. But Nvidia driver users have the needed nvidia-utils package installed with the main nvidia driver.

So yes, installing these packages are enough. Then VLC, SMplayer and MVP will be able to use the proper hw acceleration by default.

If you have working internet connection. In a perfect world… :slight_smile:

I will do it tomorow.

thy can use hardware acceleration but is not the default option :wink:

it is a good idea to prepare the installation for “native” hardware acceleration. but before the hardware detection must be remastered.

Not in SMPlayer and MPV, that’s true. But it’s enabled by default in VLC.
Also in Kodi, both va-api and vdpau are enabled by default.

Btw, changeing the hw detection does not realy needed. Most of the work can be done by changing mesa-vdpau and libva-mesa-driver packages from optional to needed dependency of the mesa package. The same can be done with the libva-… packages.
I did not see a reason of why these packages are optional. Leaving them out did not add to someone’s system any benefit at all.

the hw detection script removes unneeded drivers but perhaps it is better placed in a extra script

And… what if we switch back to amarok?
or… elisa is not so bad, and seems also stable on my pc.

Is amarok actively developed? Or it just has a long release cycle?

hmm… is not an intensive development, but is still alive :slight_smile:

smplayer with the breeze skin look nice:

moved the kickoff menu:

added basic vdpau packages @kepszlok


why not bomi?
bomi is working well for me

Amarok brings back good memories. It’s works fine at the moment. It have a big amount of working netradio and in general, Amarok is a good music player and it’s got an EQ. Btw, graphical EQ is missing from the current release.

Clementine is similar to Amarok, but it looks awsome, have a cool graphical EQ and can access to spotify and other cloud based streaming media. And streaming media is quite important in this days.

Elisa in the other hand are a too basic player with a too simple ui.

I did vote for Clementine.

Wohoooo! :slight_smile:
There are plans to add the mesa related packages?

Bomi also uses hw acceleration by default. Because of we just added the vdpau packages, we shoud choose a player what uses hw acceleration by default. So it’s vlc or bomi, both are good players.

i would prefer bomi over vlc because it looks much better and is qt

…and vaapi support is added now see

Yes, my mistake. I meant the mesa related packages, for HW acceleration in web browsers.

Ok, for this release we can keep Clementine as music player and dragon for video. They works fine and are simple, for any advanced user there is VLC or any other player that can be installed manually.

About vdpau:

Today I will prepare the RC2, thanks you all for the feedback!

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Well, I don’t think bomi is still under development now…

is this a problem if it work properly?

Mpv and elisa or clementine-qt :+1:t4:

RC2 has been released. Continue here.