Chakra 2017.10 iso users shoud be warned about dropped mirrors

Installing Chakra 2017.10 iso now have problems. It contains already dropped, but still active repos like this:

I have some friends who have problems, because their system update was used that outdated repo and they did not know about that. The only notice was that they still having Qupzilla in their updated systems instead of Falkon.

So until the new final iso cames out, we shoud warn people about the mirror situation. Active repos:

There are already eight topics about the issue:

Also see:

Is it really worth having a very long banner? Will people read and understand it, or simply dismiss it?

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I ment just a note + link or something next to the download link in the website. These are new info even for me.
Seriously, just about no one will search this site first then install Chakra later.

The dacentec mirror are also present in my mirrorlist…

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Warning reinstated, to combine the two text snippets in

There are currently no plans on listing all known issues with the latest release on the website due to other priorities.

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See this issue regarding the erratic mirror and this issue regarding the failing kernel upgrade.