Can't update packages to their latest versions - the mirror I use hasn't synchronized with the origin server

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Hi guys,
I downloaded the ISO to install Chakra on a fixed PC. After having performed the classic installation procedure, restarting the PC and then performing the synchronization and updating of the system using the sudo pacman -Syyu command, I noticed that the latest version of kde and the available kernel is not installed, but it is installed version 4.11.4 and kernel linux 4.13.11. If I launch the sudo pacman command again -Syu tells me that no new updates are available. Also on the pc as starting version is 235, while on the laptop, which is correctly updated, the starting version is 239. Also known for example that if I want to install falkon tells me that no package is available. Gimp, however, is not updated to the latest version but to 2.8.
How can I solve the problem?


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Hi @mike,

please read the following before asking for help:

You haven’t provided any of the configuration or log files that would help describe your issue, but I believe that this reply both explains the issue and how to resolve it:

Also note that -Syyu can lead to partial upgrades under certain circumstances, and you shouldn’t use it unless you know that you need it.

Chakra 2017.10 iso users shoud be warned about dropped mirrors